Fancy Dress

Dress up your new plants
with our range of planter
toppings. Choose from
coconut fibre, Perma-Mulch,
stones or coloured glass.
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Classic / CottaPot

Cotta Black Cone
Cotta Jardiniere
Roman Cotta Square
Traditional Cotta Marble Ice
Traditional Cotta Contemporary
Traditional Terra Cotta


Fibre Smart Cone
Lechuza Cubico Wedge
Fibre Smart Round Planter
Ceramalite Cone
Ceramalite Round
Lechuza Quadro Squares
Fibre Smart Troughs
Ceramalite Wedge
Fibre Smart Square


Feathered Wedge
Brushed Wedge
Cube Ripple
Cube Brushed
Tall Cube
Black & White Cube
Feathered Cone
Slimline Trough
Feathered Planter Box
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