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A Green Office

At A Green Office, we provide more than just indoor plant hire. We create beautiful, inspiring workplace environments. We have a wide range of plants and flowers to complement any space, from traditional to contemporary, including a stylish range of planters and planter toppings for the perfect finishing touch. Over the years we have transformed all kinds of interior and exterior workplaces ranging from offices, hotels, motels and clubs, to shopping centres, retail stores and showrooms. Our experienced consultants can advise you on the most suitable, natural choice of plants that are guaranteed to bring out the best in your workplace.

Permanent plant hire

Start with as little as one plant, or up to as many as 300 plants. There are no lock-in contracts with our ongoing plant hire.

Casual plant hire

Casual plant hire is perfect for your short-term needs. From a couple of weeks, to even daily hire, A Green Office can cater to your requirements.

Event hire

Add the finishing touches to your next event by utilising A Green Office's casual plant hire service. Weddings, functions, exhibitions, tradeshows and special events can all be catered for with our expert consultants ensuring a stunning and memorable effect. Recent events A Green Office has supplied top quality plants to include The Royal Easter Show and the Sydney Caravan & Camping Show.

Flower hire

Our synthetic floral arrangements are a great way to brighten up your workplace. We change your flowers regularly to keep your place looking fresh. Perfect for reception, foyers, meeting rooms and boardrooms, our synthetic range of flowers are a low cost, low maintenance plant hire solution.

Design & Landscaping

Choosing the right plants depends on numerous factors, including lighting and space for the display. Our consultants can assess your workplace and recommend the perfect solution to match your decor. Make an appointment today.

Indoor & Outdoor plant sales

We have a huge range of plants for sale. Contact us for more details and pricing.


As most indoor situations are generally unsatisfactory for the healthy growth and continued well being of plants, it pays to have your plants supplied and maintained by experts.

We have a thorough knowledge of the many needs of indoor plants and the care and attention they require to maintain a good, healthy appearance. We maintain your plants on a regular basis, including;

  • Watering
  • Cleaning
  • Fertilising
  • Trimming
  • Pest & Disease control

Planter Toppings

Dress up your new plants with our range of planter toppings. Choose from coconut fibre, Perma-Mulch, stones or coloured glass.

Colour Chart

Breathe Easy

Indoor plants not only provide a delightful touch of the outdoors inside, but more importantly filter out hazardous toxins found in the modern office environment.

Indoor pot plants can now be confidently promoted as helping improve the quality of the indoor environment. The way of the future will certainly be to use them routinely for that purpose, and to ensure that buildings are designed to exploit their usefulness for clean air as well as for their living beauty. In summary, we can safely state that:

  1. The pot plant system really does remove Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from indoor air.
  2. The system gets better on exposure to VOCs, and maintains performance with repeated doses.
  3. From three to 10 times the maximum permitted Australian occupational indoor air concentrations
    of each compound can be removed within 24 hours, under light or dark conditions, without
    saturating the system.
  4. The pot plant system can also remove very low residual VOC concentrations as well.
  5. This is apparently a general plant-potting mix phenomenon. That is, it can be expected with any
    plant species.
  6. It is the micro-organisms of the potting mix which are the 'rapid response agents' in VOC
  7. But the plants are also directly involved. Different species develop unique soil microflora around
    their roots, producing a species-specific symbiotic microcosm for growth. Plants sometimes
    expend from 25% to 45% of the net photosynthetic product of their leaves, via their roots,
    to keep the microbes growing!
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